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What is a furniture tour to China with the company "Voyage Mebel"?

This is a great opportunity to purchase exclusive furniture, lighting and lamps, plumbing equipment, home decor and decoration materials in China, saving precious time and a large amount of money. As well it is a great chance to explore country that has one of the oldest and most interesting cultures in the world.

Advantages of cooperation with the company "Voyage Mebel"

All companies in the market operate in the same way. In their opinion the most important advantage - saving money.

Of course, this factor is one of the key components of the furniture tour to China.

In turn, we will reveal to you other equally important components of the furniture tour:

- Saving of time:

The most important thing a person has is time. To buy all necessary stuff and furnish the house in the city, you need to spend a lot of time. All marketplaces are located in different parts of the city and it rarely happens that you can buy for example furniture and lighting and tile in one place. It is also very common that people face such problem: after spending hours choosing a pottery, at the stage of making an order, it turns out that some items are out of stock. There are some, but not enough, so you need to wait for their delivery. And such situations are found everywhere: while choosing furniture, plumbing equipment, lighting, home decor. It turns out that the client needs to create an accounting book to check what was purchased, where and when it will be delivered. We also want to focus on time you need to spend on visiting marketplaces in order to find the product you like.

- Range of products:

What about range of products? Such diversity, as in China - cannot be seen in any other country.

- The convenience of ordering:

The whole order is in one PDF file, which is very convenient for you.

So, what is good about furniture tour with the “Voyage Mebel” company for busy people who value their time and money? Only professionals with big experience work in our team. These are people who have already worked in this field, but in other companies and now eliminated all the drawbacks and mistakes of past companies - they created their own brainchild, having thought through the most complex details of our unique service. Before your arrival to China our emploees, will have a clear idea of what interests you, what markets you need to go for, the furniture tour rout will be drawn up. Instead of spending your time studying markets, you will purposefully attend specialized showrooms for the positions you are interested in. You choose 5-7 days of free time, arrive to us and we complete the whole object during this time, after that you fly home and forget about this difficult task, because then we supervise it.

Where and how does the furniture tour take place? How long does it last?

The main production of furniture, lighting, plumbing equipment, home decor and finish materials is concentrated in Foshan - a suburb of Guangzhou. In practice, 80% of the necessary goods are bought in Foshan. Textiles, wallpaper, and part of the decor we buy in Guangzhou. The average duration of a furniture tour is 4-6 days.

How long does a furniture tour take from the moment we arrive to China until we receive furniture at our apartment?

In practice, in 90% of cases the whole process takes 3-4 months. There are special cases, when a customer order additional furniture for the main order, in that case the delivery time for the goods may exceed the deadlines stated by us.

How ordered goods are delivered?

The “Voyage Mebel” company carries out delivery "to a door". That is why our service is unique. After your departure from China, you just have to wait for your product readiness and deliver. We undertake all the issues of delivery and customs clearance. You only provide the address where you want to deliver the goods ordered.